They’re Back! Margaritas Regain Their Self-respect



Over the past few years, the Margarita has stoically endured the addition of sour mix, limeade, even Creme de Menthe. Each nouveau version, with its tricked-out ingredients, day-glo hues and artsy garniture, has robbed the Margarita of its true essence.

GranGala is prepared to right this wrong with the Ultimate Margarita, an authentic return to a Margarita with self-respect. 

Reaching the pinnacle of Margarita perfection—that alchemy of sweet, citrus, and salt— requires three simple steps.  A key ingredient to the Ultimate Margarita is GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur, a blend of three types of sweet, rather than bitter, Sicilian oranges with the finest Italian V.S.O.P. brandy. Mixed with a premium gold tequila and fresh lime juice, the result is smooth and delicately balanced with the zinging thrill of true orange flavor combined with the suavity of a quality brandy.

The Ultimate Margarita

1 oz. GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur
1 oz. Premium gold tequila, such as El Charro
1 oz. Fresh lime juice
A fresh lime

Rub the rim of a cocktail glass with a fresh-cut wedge of lime. Spin the glass in salt.  Shake vigorously GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur, tequila and fresh lime juice with ice in a shaker.  Strain into glass and garnish with a slice of lime. 


Edited by Patricia D. Sherman


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